Cats Cambridge Art and Sciences

This project was to development some basement rooms for CATS (Cambridge, Art, Technology and Science) into new chemistry teaching laboratories. Due to the nature of the basements we had to try and make the classrooms as light as possible. Special waste pumps were used and the new fire doors and partitions were installed.

Due to the nature of the location the furniture was shipped flat packed and then assembled on-site. The worktops and panels used were all designed to ensure they would fit within the tight constraints of the doorways and stairwells.

The project comprised of;

  • Converted a basement into chemistry labs.
  • Replacement floor.
  • Decorated walls.
  • Installation of a new gas line.
  • Electrics.
  • Water and saniflow waste pumps.
  • Install new furniture.
  • Installed new fire door and stud partition.
  • Creation of a new prep room.