iWall® Teacher Storage Solutions

From staff meeting rooms to our iWall storage solution we have it covered

Integrating technology with the latest furniture designs to provide a truly interactive teaching environment

Manufactured here in the UK our teacher walls provide the ultimate storage solution for your classroom, maximizing storage and teaching space. It is clean and simple solution to getting rid of classroom clutter.

The iWall® Teacher Storage

With a wide range of colour and wood grain options available we are sure we are able to provide a solution that integrates within your existing classroom design and furniture, better still if you are thinking of a classroom refurbishment then what better time to consider our teacher wall solutions.

 We can incorporate a complete classroom refurbishment to include one of our teacher wall solutions.

iwall airbus media wall
multiple storage iwall teacher wall

The advantages of an iWall®

With technology ever changing interactive whiteboards and touch screen solutions are becoming an important feature within the classroom. Integrating them into the classroom can be untidy with cabling running down walls and a loss of space when not in use.

With the InterFocus iWall teaching wall solution we have the right solution for your classroom, solving the problem and gaining back more usable and productive space within the classroom.

iwall teacher wall storage solution
iwall media storage solution
i wall with sliding whiteboard doors and interactive touch screen

So what is an iWall?

The teacher wall consists of a combination of our standard under-bench furniture range, a worktop and our modular media i-Wall furniture. The iWall furniture comprises of taller storage units containing shelving / cupboard space, housed behind doors.

There are two door solutions, the more simpler and lower cost sliding door and a more comprehensive soft-close door system. The doors can be made from colour panels or Dry Wipe board material, giving them a dual purpose.

Available in a range of colour combinations or wood finishes, our teaching walls can be tailored to fit into your existing classroom design or incorporated into a new classroom design.

Why you need an iWall

Maximising classroom storage and space is a problem every teacher faces, but the teaching iWall from InterFocus aims to solve this problem by giving you the flexibility you want and the options you need.

Solving your media and storage problems in one product

iwall airbus media wall

Increase Classroom Storage

Maximising classroom storage and space is a problem every teacher faces, but the teaching iWall from InterFocus aims to solve this problem by giving you the flexibility you want and the options you need.

Provides a central storage point in the classroom giving you flexibility to arrange the rest of the space around the iWall.

Suitable for multi-purpose classrooms (Maths, English and Science etc)
Storage cupboards and tray storage (optional locks if required)

Variation of different options available including matching teachers desk, blackboards, dry wipe surface for sliding doors and a wide choice of under counter furniture options.

Media Display and Storage

The iWall provides a safe secure housing unit for your interactive whiteboard or touch screen device.

Our media housing solutions have been designed to take the leading brands of whiteboards available on the market such as Promethean and Smart Boards with and without projector booms or large format touch screen solutions. 

Additional audio and visual equipment can be installed within the cupboards of the iWall and kept safe under lock and key.

No need to worry about unsightly cabling or trunking running down the wall, the iWall provides space for all your cabling and protects the cabling from damage and vandalism.

iWall example configurations

iwall example configurations

BESPOKE iwall storage solutions

The Complete Turnkey iWall Solution
iwall teaching solution from interfocus
iwall maple finish storage teacher wall

Quick to install with minimum disruption to an existing classroom. Can be installed over weekend. 

Quick way to improve an existing classroom without a full refurbishment

general classroom with iwall teacher storage
bespoke ict suites

Easily incorporate your IT requirements and provide safe secure classroom storage