School Classroom Design and Planning

Our design service is free of charge and before our design team start work on your project they look at your needs and requirements. When designing your layout they encompass any health & safety requirements and legislation required at that time.

Our expert design team ensure that both the design requirements and cost restrictions are interlinked, to provide the best outcome for your project. Using the latest 3D design technologies our in-house design team can provide photo-realistic images of the design in 3D as part of our quotation proposal.

classroom design and planning in autodesk and revit

Designing your project

Using the latest 3D AutoCAD design systems (AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor Design Suites) our in-house experienced design team can produce  a detailed plan of how your new classroom will look using the latest 3D rendering techniques to give a photo realistic view of the design.

3D Classroom Design Render | InterFocus school furniture
3D science Classroom Design | InterFocus science school furniture

Funding & Grant Applications

InterFocus have a lot of experience in assisting with applications for grants or funding, helping provide a detailed prospectus or application, complete with proposed layout drawings, photographs, 3D Photo-realistic images and estimates.

Our experience and detailed quote and presentation pack enable you to submit your application for funding with the utmost confidence, knowing that the scheme being put forward has already undergone the scrutiny of our design team. We have successfully aided many institutions, companies and schools to achieve their goals and required funding using our project presentation package.

A bespoke tailored package for you

By using InterFocus our clients have a single point of contact for the entire duration of the school refurbishment project. At the beginning of the design process the client is assigned a CAD designer and project manager who will be their single sources of contact within InterFocus throughout all the stages of the project from concept to completion.

This single solution provider approach has on many occasions generated a considerable cost saving for our clients which often has allowed them to either expand the existing refurbishment of their laboratory or to use the savings made for other site projects in the future.

3D Classroom Design Render | InterFocus school furniture


realistic 3D renders of classroom design and layout by interfocus