Craft, Design and Technology Classrooms

Creating innovation

Craft, Design and Technology

InterFocus offer a wide range of product solutions for craft, design and technology classrooms, our furniture range provides a combination of both fixed furniture benching and free standing furniture to give your classroom the maximum flexibility, this helps when it comes to teaching different craft, design and technology disciplines in one room.

CDT Classrooms

CDT offers many opportunities for students to work collectively in small groups. It allows each individual to work on a particular aspect of the project, as well as individuals to come together at times to perform a group task such as final assembly or moving larger components and the group as a whole to produce overall project. The classroom design needs to take into account the ability for the teachers to assess both each group as a whole but also the individual.

Our workstations provide students with a durable and robust surface which has been designed to facilitate the diverse range of activities encountered in today’s curriculum.

woodworking classroom

Tough, practical workbenches

Many CDT classrooms now use 3D printers and CAD CAM software to design the project prior to construction. With this in mind classrooms can be zoned into different working areas to suit the task in hand and incorporating the relevant furniture for the task in hand . 

Using strong 50×50 box section powder coated steel framework our large workbenches can accommodate bulky and heavy equipment such as lathes and drills. 


Safe storage solutions

From large work spaces for fabric cutting to machine sewing and heavy duty benching for metalwork and woodwork your classroom also needs practical storage.

Our furniture ranges include lockable under bench furniture for practical safe storage of tools and equipment, mobile workstations for a more flexible layout and large pigeon hole storage solutions for textiles and fabric.

Multi Use Classroom Solutions

We can cater for multi-use classrooms, art and design technology are often merged into one multipurpose classroom.

heavy duty woodwork bench
art tables
art paper storage

BESPOKE CDT Classrooms

The Complete Turnkey CDT Solution

mobile cdt work bench and storage unit
central sussex college

Its not just about the furniture, we can supply everything else needed as part of the classroom refurbishment

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Heating and Cooling
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