Project Management

Managing a project along side another job can be very stressful and time consuming, both of these factors can then have a knock on effect with the quality of a job.

For this reason InterFocus offer a project management service that has vast experience of managing a project from start to finish, our project management team make sure your project runs on time to budget and is of high standard.

project management team interfocus
classroom project management by interfocus | design and build

What do we do?

InterFocus undertake full turnkey operations such as

  • Isolate the existing Mechanical and Electrical services.
  • Strip Out any existing Furniture.
  • Install new Suspended Ceiling and Lighting.
  • First Fix Mechanical and Electrical.
  • Decorate.
  • Lay new Flooring.
  • Install new Furniture.
  • Second Fix Mechanical and Electrical.
  • Commission and Final Clean.
  • Project hand over.

On some projects the need for sub contractors may arise. If it does we can project management any other team that may need to join the project. Making sure they are on time and finishing at the agreed time.

Your Project Team

Your InterFocus project manager is your ONE point of contact so you don’t have six or seven different people to talk to. With InterFocus in control of your project we will be able to implement any changes should the need arise, managing the teams involved ¬†accordingly.

If your project is already being managed by an existing project team, our appointed project manager will liaise with them to ensure we fit in with their schedule of works.

ict classroom project management