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Air Conditioning and Heating

Air Conditioning often referred to as AC, has become an important feature in the school classroom

HVAC Energy Efficient Solutions

Air Conditioning often referred to as AC, has become an important feature in the school classroom. Having a environment that is comfortable and favorable is important for both staff and pupils.

Being able to maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration, and provide thermal comfort can improve concentration levels for both pupils and teachers. Modern day systems now provide both heating and cooling and are very energy efficient.

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ceiling mounted air con heat pumps

The right solution for your needs

Not only does air conditioning and fresh ventilation have a benefit in study environments it can help in more practical subjects as well, such as helping to remove cooking smells in food technology environments.

In addition it can help improve air quality in design technology areas, where dust from sawing is present in the air, although this does not replace a good dust extract system if the dust levels are sufficient to warrant an extract system. 

InterFocus can design the right climate control solution and install any heating ventilation and air conditioning system to suit your needs and classroom requirements.

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

We can provide and install simple heat pump air conditioning systems to provide temperature control on an individual classroom basis. We can also design and build much larger more complex systems that can provide a combination of heating, cooling and fresh air throughout a building or series of rooms.

  • Energy reduction by using energy-efficient systems to provide both heating and cooling
  • Traditional Hot water Boiler heating systems
  • Tamper resistant thermostatic control valves for all heat emitters on radiators
  • Good fresh air ventilation to aid in pupil concentration
  • Upgrading insulation within the classroom to minimize heat loss and help keep energy bills down
HVAC plant room
classroom integrated heating and cooling system

other areas of interest

Other Areas of Interest

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From FOOD TECH to ICT we have a solution for all your school classroom requirements

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