Creating the right teaching environment
to inspire your students

ideal layout to encourage working in a group

The island system
Science classroom layout

The InterFocus island style school laboratory has the largest design options. The island benches allow for easy free movement around the classroom. Its a modular system made up of combinations of desks and cupboards. To add flair to the design, the worktops can be shaped to create a variety of options such as Octagon, Oval, Circular or Egg styles.

The island system

The island system can provide a traditional layout with all pupils facing front of class, the layout can easily incorporate an i-wall at the teaching end of the classroom offering interactivity.

island layout plan view science classroom furniture
egg island design science classroom

Eggs, octagons or circular

The island system design can then be taken further by incorporating shaped worktops such as Octagons, Egg or Circular shapes. 

These shapes allow the pupils to work in smaller groups. Sinks and services can be incorporated into islands or around the perimeter benching to reduce costs.

education furniture octagon style
octagon style island for schools

Science classroom island layout

With the island system we can design a traditional front facing classroom layout. Or if you prefer the pupils to engage in working in smaller groups, then creating smaller islands using Egg or Octagon shaped worktops can really transform the classroom and make the classroom fun as well practical.

How islands could work for you

take a look at just of the island installation from the past
dog bone style island science classroom

Why choose us for your lab

We don’t just make the furniture, we offer a complete turnkey package which includes the following

other science lab layouts

Other Science ClassroomLayouts

peninsula layout plan view science classroom furniture
wings layout plan view science classroom furniture

As leading manufacturer of research and industrial laboratory furniture you can entrust InterFocus to delivery a professional quality laboratory that will stand the test of time in your school.

octagon layout plan view science classroom furniture

I wanted to compliment your men for the work they did at the Lycee Francais School London. They worked fast and the benches are really well done

pods layout plan view science classroom furniture