About Us

About Us

InterFocus is a privately owned company based in Linton, Cambridge. We are one of the leading manufacturers and installers of Educational Furniture and Laboratory Furniture including associated services.

InterFocus has extensive experience in providing turnkey solutions for both educational, commercial, pharmaceutical and the industrial laboratory sectors.

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At InterFocus we are always looking to improve are carbon footprint every year, and not just us our suppliers too. We look at every aspect of our business from design and planning through to on-site and see if there are ways to make improvements. We have already taken steps to ensure that our carbon footprint is cut and help the environment.

We can all make simple changes to help the environment and improve our carbon footprint like switching of lights when they are not in use, for businesses like InterFocus the little things can make a big difference.

At InterFocus we have looked at all aspects of our business and made changes to improve our footprint, purchasing our products with green credentials and sourcing 80% of the materials we use locally. This way we cut down any unnecessary transport and improve lead times for customers.

We are constantly receiving deliveries on a daily basis and the products delivered sometimes come in packaging. This packaging is reused or recycled and our own deliveries use little or no packaging wherever possible when in transit.

Our own staff look at the way they can reduce their carbon footprint by lift sharing or by using bicycles to get to work. When we travel to appointments we make sure we try and make two or more visits in a day rather than just one.

InterFocus has attained the British Standard ISO 14001:2004 accreditation this is a reminder that we have to continually maintain and improve our footprint and its impact on the environment. More information on our accreditation’s can be seen in the accreditation’s section.

Our Accreditations

Having the right accreditation is important to InterFocus, we pride ourselves on the quality and high standards of the products and services we provide. Being accredited with the relevant trades and standards benefits both InterFocus and its staff and more importantly our customers.
ISO 18001
ISO 14001

other areas of interest

Other Areas of Interest
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From FOOD TECH to ICT we have a solution for all your school classroom requirements

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