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Octagons and Shaped Classrooms

mix it up a little with some cool shapes

Using the other styles as a basis for the design layout we can add some flair to the design by adding shape tops such as octagons to create a very modern school laboratory

The Octagon System

The octagon system provides a different approach to classroom design. The layout design lends itself to pupil teamwork with each area housing a larger number of pupils.

The octagon theme can also be configured using circular or egg shaped tops to provide a more modern update of the this theme.

octagon layout plan view science classroom furniture
curved wing style classroom

Islands using eggs
or curved tops

Using the island style design we can incorporate curved tops or eggs to provide a more unique design to your classroom.

Looking for something different

The InterFocus octagon style laboratory creates a modern design environment. This system is ideal for students participating in group activities. Our octagon system can be designed in many different configurations, it can easily be linked to a wall or bench via link pieces.

Does this style of classroom
work for you

transform your science classroom with shapes
scarisbrick school island science classroom curved tops

A complete turnkey service

We don’t just make the furniture, we offer a complete turnkey package which includes the following

other science lab layouts

Other Science Classroom

peninsula layout plan view science classroom furniture
island layout plan view science classroom furniture

As leading manufacturer of research and industrial laboratory furniture you can entrust InterFocus to delivery a professional quality laboratory that will stand the test of time. 

wings layout plan view science classroom furniture

I wanted to compliment your men for the work they did at the Lycee Francais School London. They worked fast and the benches are really well done

pods layout plan view science classroom furniture