worktops for school laboratories, food technology rooms and ICT suites

Trespa TopLab Base Worksurfaces

Trespa® TopLab Base (formerly trespa athlon) is a popular choice of work surface used in most schools, mainly because of its durability. Where resistance to chemicals is not a priority it gives a decorative finish which is easy to clean and very cost effective. It also has other features which are important for a school environment, like withstanding daily use of the impact of heavy bags or objects put on it. A scratch resistant surface also protects it from the movement of objects on the surface. Trespa TopLab Base isn’t adversely affected by moisture spillages.

trespa toplab base worktop

Features of Trespa Toplab Base


Scratch and Wear Resistant

Trespa TopLab Base is designed to with stand heavy loads being placed on it and at the same time delivers a scratch resistant surface and overall durability. Where staff and students place heavy objects or frequently clean Trespa TopLab Base it retains its appearance for a long time, this resistance makes it an ideal installation in the classroom environment.

Mould and Moisture Resistant

Where it is used around classroom sink areas it has a specially formulated thermo-setting resin which is designed to withstand wetness and related degradation.  The surface resists moisture from cleaning and is unaffected by mould or rot should water sit on the surface for a period of time.

Low Maintenance

With a Trespa TopLab Base panel once it is installed, no coating or protective cover is needed providing you with a robust and non-reactive surface. This closed surface means no dirt will accumulate keeping it smooth and easy to clean.

Solid and Sturdy

Trespa TopLab Base has been designed and tested to withstand high resistant’s, its wood based fibres and resin has been engineered to produce a solid, versatile and reliable surface for any school classroom.

Fire Behaviour

There are two types of Trespa TopLab Base available Standard grade and enhanced Fire-Retardant grade (FR)*.

Worktop Finishes

We have a range of standard finish options for worktops using our PCD (diamond tooling) on our Weeke CNC machine.

  • 2mm chamfer top/bottom and polished edge
  • 6mm rad top / 2mm chamfer bottom, polished edge
  • 6mm rad top / bottom polished edge
  • Polished edge only


Please note: During certain times of the year stock availability can be reduced on certain colours due to high demand. 

These finishes are available for worktop thicknesses 16 and 20mm. Registered trademarks (r)Trespa, Meteon, TopLab Base, TopLab Plus, Volkern, Ioniq and Inspirations are registered trademarks of Trespa International B.V.