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There is a wide choice of worktops to choose from, each one has its own advantages and technical merits depending on the desired application.

Selecting the right worksurface


Trespa Work Surfaces

New production technologies combined with intensive research and development work have resulted in Trespa TopLab Base and Trespa TopLab Plus panels featuring a unique combination of properties.

  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • High Wear & Scratch Resistance
  • Excellent Impact Resistance
  • Durable all round performance
  • Economic Panel Sizes
  • Good Clean ability


Laminate Work Surfaces

InterFocus laminate work surfaces are made from the highest quality materials and are available in a wide range of colours. Manufactured in high pressure laminate, these worktops are hard wearing and highly resistant to heat, moisture and abrasion. They incorporate a front edge seal to guard against water ingress from accidental spillages.

Epoxy Resin Work Surfaces

InterFocus epoxy resin work surfaces are produced from silica filled, heat cured solid epoxy resin, formulated to achieve optimum chemical resistance. InterFocus worktops have excellent mechanical strength and flatness, and are manufactured to precise dimensions. They are durable, easy to decontaminate and heat resistant.

Velstone Work Surfaces

Velstone solid surface material is non porous and offers other specific attributes which are not available in laminate tops.

Lab20 Work Surfaces

Sheridan has developed the LAB20 work surface for use for the high demands of the Education and Healthcare Sector. LAB20® is a solid surface and being homogeneous with a high chemical resistance, gives all the benefits of solid surfacing at a reduced cost.

Iroko Hardwood Work Surfaces

Iroko and similar hardwoods have been the traditional choice for school laboratory classrooms and chemistry & physics labs. The main advantage of using Iroko worktops is that they can easily be refurbished by sanding the top layer. The durable surface has resistance against attacks from acids, solvents and heat.

Stainless Steel Work Surfaces

We manufacture a wide range of Stainless Steel, 316 grade work surfaces, from simple bench runs to complex work surfaces, where sinks, and filtration may be required, often used in areas which need to be kept sterile e.g. hospital and medical research laboratories and also in isotope laboratories.

Trespa Toplab Base


Trespa TopLab Plus


Iroko Solid Wood


Velstone Solid Surface


Lab 20 Solid Surface