School Taps

Whether its art, science or food technology selecting the right taps is an important factor

Selecting the right tap for your needs

School Taps and Fittings

Every tap must be correct for the environment and purpose it was meant for, hygiene and ease of cleaning is an important factor when considering the correct tap. 

We offer a range of solutions for suitable for school classrooms ranging from science laboratories, food technology to art and textiles.

laboratory taps
traditional wood worktops using iroko

Laboratory Taps

Our laboratory taps include both single ,double and mixer taps, these include a selection with 6″ rigid goose neck and wrist blade handles. Our gas valves and tap fittings shown here are a selection of most commonly used.

Taps for general use including food areas come in all different shapes and sizes, we offer a chrome plated solution with and without closed levers with our refurbishment solutions. Below is a list of leading brands we use but for more information see our catalogue.

We only use leading brands of taps that are built to last and designed for a purpose

laboratory taps and fittings
broen-lab taps and showers

BROEN-LAB solutions are used by professional users in many kinds of laboratories, from the education and health sectors to industry in general. 

BROEN-LAB products are already an integrated part of many workplaces. From fittings for purified water, nitrogen, vacuum and compressed air.

brownall lab taps

Brownall labtap® is the longest established brand of laboratory fitting available on the UK market.

We supply schools and colleges with gas and water fittings strong enough to cope with the rigors of daily life in a school yet sensitive enough to enable students to undertake A-level standard experiments.

watersaver taps

WaterSaver offer a vast range of taps solution catering for the education sector. 

With a focus on the education market they have introduced a satin clear finish which gives a modern and professional look, and has proved to give students a greater motivation to learn.

other areas of interest

Other Areas of Interest

food technology classroom furniture
white apple mac computer classroom

From FOOD TECH to ICT we have a solution for all your school classroom requirements

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