worktops for school laboratories, food technology rooms and ICT suites

Velstone Laboratory Worktops

Traditional Solid Surface Laboratory tops are manufactured using 3-13 mm thick Solid Surface material bonded on 25mm thick MDF. The fabrication process, however, is labour intensive and expensive. Velstone has developed a solid 25mm thick product which does not need conventional fabrication or MDF support. Factory pre-finished and ready to install worktops are supplied at considerable cost savings.

velstone food technology classroom worktop

What are the Advantages of 25mm VELSTONE Laboratory Worktop

Solid Surface Material is non porous and offers other specific attributes which are not available in laminate tops.

  •  Seamless Surface: No collection of dust or dirt on joint lines
  •  Easy Care & Maintenance : Scratches and Stains can be easily removed
  •  Repairable:Accidental damage, is repairable

Velstone laboratory worktops are manufactured to the customer specified dimensions. Although theoretically there is no limit to the maximum dimension of the finished laboratory worktop, consideration is given to packing, weight and carrying restrictions and a suitable provision is made for ‘on site’ joints, wherever necessary. As a thumb rule the maximum length of a single piece is restricted to 3000 mm. Longer and ’L’ or ‘C’ shaped Worktops are normally joined on site. Velstone offers a manufacturer’s 10 year limited warranty.

Worktop Finishes

We have a range of standard finish options for worktops using our PCD (diamond tooling) on our Weeke CNC machine.

  • 2mm chamfer top/bottom and polished edge
  • 6mm rad top / 2mm chamfer bottom, polished edge
  • 6mm rad top / bottom polished edge
  • Polished edge only

These finishes are available for worktop thicknesses of 25mm.