Height Adjustable Tables for Schools and Colleges

Electrical or hand cranked your choice

InterFocus Active Desk Solutions

The active desk system allows the user to adjust the desk or bench height to suit them and their working position at the touch of a button or the crank of a handle

Height Adjustable Tables

The active desk system allows the user to adjust the desk or bench height to suit them and their working position at the touch of a button. Our simple easy to use active desk system incorporates a motor and height can be adjusted at the touch of a button, providing the ultimate active desk solution for DDA compliance.

We offer an extensive range of worktop solutions to compliment the active desk system from Melamine and Laminate and Solid Surface such as Velstone and Trespa. Services such as sinks and taps can also be fitted to the worksurface.

Available in electric or hand crank variants
height adjustable desk

The Benefits of Height Adjustable Tables

There are many benefits of a sit-stand desk. It improves your ergonomics, your health, your focus, your mood, and your productivity. The problem is that it is hard to get a standing desk in any business environment. They are not standard, often more expensive, and seen as an unnecessary expense.

Anti Collision Features

Electric actuators are fitted with PEIZO as standard on all electrically operated desks, this provides a hardware anti-collision soluti using a sensor incorporated into the lifting column.

The built-in anti-collision sensor reacts to any obstruction when raising or lowering the desk, triggering it to stop and then auto reverse to avoid an object collision.

Cable Management

Optional cable management is available in the form of drop down cable trays, these can be hinged to facilitate access to the cable trays from the front or rear of the desk. 

Two variants of tray are available short or full length, the short version is designed when incorporating space under the desk for a PC unit and storage.


Specific services can also be incorporated into the desk to meet the needs of the classroom installation.

height adjustable tables with services
adjustable table with services in a classroom
quick connect services for adjustable desk
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Available Dimensions

single height adjustable desk solution dimensions
L shaped height adjustable desk dimensions

other areas of interest

Other Areas of Interest

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From FOOD TECH to ICT we have a solution for all your school classroom requirements

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