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School Sinks need to be fit for their chosen purpose and the environment they will be used in, sinks need to with-stand daily use and be easily cleaned.


We know that having the correct sink for your science classroom, food technology classroom or art and textiles classrooms will make all the difference to the longevity of the product and hygiene results.

InterFocus offers a wide selection of sinks that cater for many different situations, from school science laboratories, food technology rooms to art and textiles classrooms. Our sink ranges can be incorporated into any classroom environment.

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The Sink Options Available


Hygiene and chemical resistance, the main advantages of stainless steel sinks is that they are seamless one piece units which makes them easier to clean and more hygienic than most other sinks types. 

Seamless sinks like stainless and epoxy resin sinks are less prone to scratching and cracking which are likely to create areas for bugs to develop. Available as drop on and under-slung styles.


Ceramic sinks like you see in kitchens are popular choice for art rooms and food technology classrooms, They are available in very large and deep sizes. 

They offer reasonable chemical resistance. While ceramic sinks are easy to maintain and clean and pleasing to the eye they do have a downside of chipping if pots, pans and other metal objects are knocked or dropped into the sink. More care and attention is needed if selecting ceramic sinks.

Epoxy Resin

The most popular choice for science classrooms and commercial laboratories. They offer high chemical resistance and long term durability. 

Like ceramic sinks they are heavy and often need additional support underneath them on larger size models. 

As they are made from resin they are seamless and can be made custom sizes, style available include, drop in, under-slung and as a one piece integral sink and drainer.

Sink Types

Drop on Sink
Drop On

A sink with a flange is inserted into a cutout in the worktop. The flange sits slightly proud of the worktop.

undermount sink

A sink with a flat flange is fixed to the underside of the worktop, the cutout in the worktop has a 10mm overhang. This detail is ideal for recessed draining grooves and sink lids if required.

Drop in sink
Drop In

A rebate is cut into the worktop, allowing a sink with a flat flange to be dropped into the rebate. The sink sits slightly below the work surface. The detail is ideal for rebated draining grooves.

Inset Stainless Sink

Similar to a kitchen, an inset sink in stainless steel or epoxy resin is inserted into a cutout. The sink has its own drainer and anti drip edging.

belfast sink style

Typical ceramic belfast style sink, ideal for art classrooms where a large deep sink is required.

If you have any questions about our school sinks range our knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer
 advice on 01223 894833 or alternatively use the contact us form.

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