Science Classroom Furniture | The peninsular system

The InterFocus peninsular style laboratory classroom creates a traditional style is well suited to a classroom requiring heavy use of services such as gas and electrics. The fixed peninsular benching allow for plumbing and electrical services to be easily concealed around the classroom.

The Peninsular System

The peninsular system provides a traditional time tested design layout. Different worktops choices here can really make a difference to look and feel of this layout. Often favoured by traditional schools in historic buildings, with the use of IROKO wood worktops, a traditional yet subtle modern look can be achieved yet remain in keeping with the traditional school building architecture.

science classroom peninsular layout
peninsular school laboratory furniture

Peninsular School Laboratory Furniture

A big advantage of the peninsular system is that it provides large laboratory worktop areas and lots of scope to maximize storage.

Storage Options Include but are not limited to the following

  • Tray Units, Single, Double and Triple
  • Single and Double Cupboards
  • Retort Stand Cupboards
  • Bag Stores
  • Open Fronted Cupboards


The peninsular system works well with the i wall teaching wall solution

With the peninsular system provides a front of class teaching solution, this solution works well when interactive whiteboards are used in the classroom. Our i-wall teaching wall furniture can easily be incorporated into the design and provide even more additional storage in what is traditionally a blank wall of limited use other than the interactive screen.

Peninsular lab benching for schools and colleges