General Classroom Solutions

As a furniture manufacturer, InterFocus is able to offer bespoke furniture solutions for both staff and classrooms, ranging from ART to Music, along with Staff Offices and Meeting rooms.

Our design teams use their extensive knowledge and experience along with the input of the client to ensure that a solution is designed to meet the schools design criteria and budget requirements.

general classroom with teacher wall and projector

The complete solution

At InterFocus we have a complete solution for any art classroom, administration office and additional rooms such as music or meeting rooms.. These are the rooms that sometimes get forgotten about and special attention needs to be paid to these rooms as there needs are different from core subjects. With these rooms we look at layout and functionality to maximise the daily use and make sure every aspect is covered.

art classroom | part of a complete school block refurbishment contract
i wall teacher wall classroom furniture

Solutions include:


Staff Rooms
Administration Offices
Art Classrooms
Music Rooms
School Libraries
Teacher Walls
Study Rooms

Our services include:

General Building Works
Structural Alterations
Suspended Ceilings
Laboratory, Office and general classroom flooring
Air Conditioning & Heating Systems
Fume Cupboards & Extraction
Mechanical & Electrical Services
IT Structured Cabling
AV Equipment

music room classroom